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Current bag limits and fish regulations on Lake Lewisville:

Not all of the fish species in this list can be found in lake lewisville but I have included them here for those times when you might go fishing elsewhere in Texas.


Fish Species
Daily Bag Limit
Minimum Fish Length
Exceptions for Lake Lewisville





Bass - Largemouth 5 14 inches


Bass - Smallmouth 14 inches


Bass - Spotted No Minimum


Bass - Guadalupe No Minimum


Bass - Striped 5 18 inches


Bass - Hybrid 18 inches


Bass - Palmetto 18 inches


Bass - Sunshine 18 inches


Bass - White 25 10 inches


Bass - Yellow None No Minimum


Carp None No Minimum


Catfish - Channel 25 12 inches You may NOT keep any catfish between 30 and 45 inches. Only one catfish 45 inches or greater can be retained.
Catfish - Blue 12 inches
Catfish - Flathead 5 18 inches  
Crappie 25 10 inches  
Paddlefish No harvest is allowed on this species
Gar - Alligator 1 No Minimum


Gar - Other None No Minimum


Saugeye 3 18 inches


Sunfish None No Minimum


Trout 5 No Minimum


Walleye 5 16 inches




if you have any ideas or suggestions your comments are welcome. You can contact me at: admin@lewisvillelakefishing.com

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